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Business (商業) Finance (財經) Weather (天氣)
入場卷;許可 account 帳戶
agreement 協議 balance 結餘 Celsius 攝氏
competitor 競爭對手 debt 負債 Fahrenheit 華氏
conference 會議 due 到期 clear 晴朗的
entrepreneur 企業家 Foreign exchange 外匯 forecast 預報
proposal 提案 tariff 關稅  
bureau 處、局(政府單位) revenue 收入
committee 委員會 annual 年度的
board 董事會 withdraw 提款
Occupation (職業/工作) Transportation (交通) Manufacturing (製造業)
librarian 圖書館員 aisle 走道 appliance 設備
volunteer 志願者,義工 capacity 容量 distributor 批發商
pharmacist 藥劑師,藥商 custom 海關 supplier 供應者
chef 廚師 escalator 電扶梯 surplus 過剩
architect 建築師,設計師 pedestrian 行人 plant 工廠
reference 推薦人 platform 火車月台  
employment 僱用 round trip 來回票
application 申請書 fare 車費
technician 技術人員 coach 遊覽車
mechanic 維修人員 detour
clerk/staff 職員 subway 地下鐵
就是這些單字讓應試時產生疑惑與誤解,TOEIC.ORG.TW 精心整理易混淆字彙並以例句說明,釐清後對各位的字彙辨識及應用能力絕對大幅提升。
(v) 接受 He has accepted our in invitation.
except (prep.) 除...之外 He has no bad habits except that he smokes too much.
access (n.) 通路,機會 The only access to the house is along that narrow road.
excess (n.) 過量 An excess of rain caused the severe flood.
advice (n.) 建議 Please give me some advice, then I'll know what to do next.
advise (v.) 勸告 Please advise us of any change in your plan.
affect (v.) 影響 The amount of rain affects the growth of plants.
effect (n.) 效果 These special effects of the movie are really amazing.
already (adv.) 已經 I have had lunch already.
all ready (phrase) 準備好 We are all ready for the departure.
barely (adj.) 幾乎沒有 He has barely enough money to live on.
hardly (adv.) 幾乎不 My legs were so weak that I could hardly stand.
beside (prep.) 在旁邊 He sat down beside me.
besides (prep.) 除...之外 What has he done besides reading the paper?
decent (adj.) 正派的 I only associate myself with good decent fellows.
descent (n.) 下降,下坡 The spectators watched the descent of the balloon.
formerly (adv.) 從前 Formerly, he worked on a farm, but now he is a teacher.
formally (adv.) 正式地 At the police station, he was formally charged with murder.
raise (v.) 提高,養育 The landlord raised my rent.
rise (v.) 上升,起床 The sun rises in the east every morning.
thorough (adj.) 完全的 You must promise me to take a thorough rest.
through (prep.) 通過 It's better not to walk through the park at night.
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